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Ditch the Throwaway gifts and give the gift of sewing! For Beginners to Advanced lessons, taught by an experienced sewer with years of Alterations and Sewing Experience and a degree in Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Design and Production. Below are Rough Curriculum Outlines, but can be adjusted price and curriculum wise, but listed is 4 sessions for $100. I can go to you or do virtual lessons, and I can provide equipment to use for in person as needed. 


Curriculum for beginner sewing:


Lesson 1: learn how to work the machine, easy fixes, easy things to go wrong, spinning a bobbin, Practice sewing on paper then fabric swatch to get straight lines familiar with reversing and moving it. Taking measurements how to do it and measure student so I can make my own patterns as I find commercial patterns hard to follow. Then I will show how to find the grain of the fabric, how to cutout patterns, and follow patterns. 


Lesson 2: 

Sew a scrunchie from my fabric scraps, then cutout from fabric I have or give instructions for getting fabric for pajama pants or get fabric and cutout pants from pattern I make for easy following and fitting 


Lesson 3: 

make a little zippered pouch and have student pick a final project they want to make for me to make the pattern for


Lesson 4: complete a final project with me of choosing that we can easily compete for examples, tote bag, pants, skirt, simple dresses, pillows 




Advanced Sewing Lessons Curriculum:


Will teach you how to produce your own clothing/products and get it produced elsewhere.


Lesson 1: I will bring my old school books on pattern making and teach you the basics of making your own patterns and leave you with the books to look over. 


Lesson 2: We will choose a project together and make the pattern for it, as well as do a technical pack and flat drawing for it, on my computer if needed. A technical pack is something you send to a factory to get an item produced so it is always very clear and concise or there will be confusion. So I will start with showing you example technical packs and then leave you with a template and we will start on a flat drawing together and I will show you the proper protocol. We will then decide how we get the fabric and accessories for the project. 


Lesson 3: We will review the basics of cutting out fabric and then will cutout your project,as well as finish up the pattern as needed. Then once we have it cutout we will start with construction the garment out of a sample fabric I will also have you buy, any cheap fabric so you can see the template and fit of your garment, called a muslin prototype typically. We will then critique your prototype or I will leave you to finish it and we will do so next time. 


Lesson 4: we will critique or keep in mind critiques on prototype and adjust patterns as needed, then cutout in final fabric. Then we will construct it and edit it and make a final pattern out of oak tag to be used for future use. 

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